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Saturday, May 15, 2010

High Elves vs Warriors of Chaos

                OK, so I'm guessing that you are a bit tired of going through Dark Elves battles now, so here is another fight for you, High Elves vs Warriors of Chaos in 1999 pts. Report for the battle wrote our friend Shomi, and Mishke (High Elves) wrote commentary for his tactics. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. And just one small note: by mistake I positioned the Chaos Knights by reverse order, that is, regiment with War banner goes where regiment with Festering Shroud is, and vice versa, so don't forget that.Cheers!

High Elf army list:

1999 Pts  -   High Elves Army

1 Mage @ 185 Pts
     General; Magic Level 2
     Seerstaff of Saphery
     Dispel Scroll

1 Mage @ 170 Pts
     Magic Level 2
     Jewel of the Dusk
     Dispel Scroll

1 * Noble @ 174 Pts
     Great Weapon; Dragon Armour; Battle Standard
     Reaver Bow
     Talisman of Loec

10 Archers @ 110 Pts

20 First SpearElves @ 225 Pts
     Standard Bearer; Musician; Champion
     War Banner

5 Dragon Princes @ 220 Pts
     Banner of Sorcery

5 Ellyrian Reavers @ 92 Pts

5 Shadow Warriors @ 80 Pts

14 Swordmasters @ 259 Pts
     Standard; Champion
     Lion Standard

14 White Lions @ 279 Pts
     Standard; Champion
     Standard of Balance

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts

Total Army Cost: 1994.0

Warriors of Chaos army list:

Sorcerer lvl 1 @ 275 pts
riding in chariot, 2x dispel scroll

Exalted Hero @ 220 pts
Mark of Slanesh, Rune sword, Shield
Riding steed of Slanesh

Exalted Hero @ 330 pts
Mark of Khorne, shield
riding Juggernaut, 
BSB Banner of Gods

10 x Marauders @ 50 pts
Mark of Slanesh
10 x Marauders @ 50 pts
Mark of Slanesh

5 x Chaos Knights @ 305 pts
Mark of Nurgle, Full command
Festering shroud

5 x Chaos Knights @ 305 pts
Mark of Nurgle, Full command

4 x Dragon Ogres @ 312 pts
additional hand weapon

Shrine @ 140 pts
Mark of Slanesh

Turn 1 Warriors of Chaos

Warriors of chaos army did what they do best. In the first turn, they marched as much as they can forward to position themselves for charges in the next turn. Chaos player used shrine to give a blessing to Dragon ogres and they got +1 attack.

Turn 1 High Elves

Mishke: Wow! The entire army was at the middle of the table ready to charge me next turn. All i could do is move to avoid combined charges and prepare flee directions. One big mistake was that i thought that dragon ogres were M6 and that my archers(with the Battle Standard) were safe distance away (a big  big mistake) White lions prepared to take a charge from Chaos Knights and wait for the help (dragon princes) to counter charge (or so i hoped). Swordmasters moved to flank charge Dragon ogres if they went forward and Spears went a little forward to shield their flank with a building. Ellyrian reavers moved to marchblock the other Chaos Knight unit so they don’t see combat any time soon.
In the magic phase my general had a miscast and lost a wound.  I chose lore of metal on both mages but no kills this turn.
Shooting phase was much better. Both bolt throwers one shot the battle standard bearer and took him down! 

Turn 2 Warriors of Chaos

                     In this turn, we saw first charges. One regiment of Chaos Knights, and Chaos character on Slaneesh steed, charged into White Lions. Dragon ogres charged archers with battle standard on the hill, but they fled. In magic phase, Chaos general (Nurgle Sorcerer in chariot) killed one Swordmaster. Chaos player used shrine to empower his chaos knights, and he got 4+ ward save and stubborn!!! In close combat, we saw one challenge between Chaos knight champion and White Lion champion. Chaos knight scored 1 wound. White lions killed Chaos character on slaneesh steed, but then chaos knights scored 6 kills! Since White lions are stubborn as well, they passed their break test easily.

Turn 2 High Elves


Mishke: As i said before i realised my mistake of Dragon Ogres M7 too late and had too flee with my archers and the Battle standard along with a rerroll for a break test for white lions which would definitely lose against stubborn 4+ ward save Chaos Knights! And on top of that my archers failed to rally in the next turn! On ld9! So they went off the board along with my battle standard. Very bad indeed! Dragon Princes went off the LoS of stubborn 4+ ward save Chaos Knights (i didn’t want to do anything with them except to avoid them). Swordmasters failed their charge since dragon ogres fled.
Magic got a wound on a general in the chariot but my other got a miscast and lost a level and took a wound(the -1 to hit and -1 armor save one which i tried to cast to help the doomed White Lions) .
Shadow warriors managed to get a wound on a Dragon Ogre and White Lions managed to kill a Chaos Knight before losing five of their man. With stubborn and Standard of Balance they were going to die to the last men before giving any ground.

Turn 3 Warriors of Chaos

Dragon ogres fail to rally, and ran of the board. Magic did nothing, and shrine kept the ward save on Chaos knights. Not surprisingly, Chaos knights killed the rest of the White lions (as expected).

Turn 3 High Elves

Mishke: No real movement, the rest of the turn went pretty good. Bolt Throwers eliminated the general so all Chaos characters were out of the game. But since White Lions were no more those 4+Ward save Stubborn Chaos Knights of Doom were free to rampage across the board! Very bad indeed.

Turn 4 Warriors of Chaos

After chaos warshrine charged into Dragon princes, chaos player decided to position his troupes so he can get rid of ballista and mages. There was no shooting or magic for the rest of the game for chaos player. In close combat, warshrine killed 2 dragon princes, but they passed their break test.

Turn 4 High Elves

Mishke: The rampage begin. I had a option off not moving my mages and get steam rolled along with the bolt throwers or try to minimize my losses. So my general went south, the other mage north and bolt throwers stood still ready to shoot. Spearmen finally managed to charge those cowardly marauders but they fled.
Magic finally worked and i killed two Chaos Knights from the unit which was march blocked the whole game and was ready to do some damage, but not before i thin it down.
In the Close Combat my Dragon Princes remained bogged down with the shrine, with grim chances of success.

 Turn 5 Warriors of Chaos

 The unit of Chaos knights, which was slowed the whole time finally did something and charged Swordmasters. On the other side, the other unit of chaos knights charged High Elf general. Hold in both places. Dragon princes managed to wound warshrine once, but warshrine retaliates and kills one Dragon prince. Chaos knights kill 4 Sword masters, they fail their break test, and Chaos knights overrun them. Same with High Elf General!

Turn 5 High Elves

Mishke: Swordmasters were lost and that was a great loss. They were less than a inch to close and got charged. I fully expected those Chaos Knights to charge bolt throwers. Never mind. Seeing the Dragon Princess down to the last man which holded the Banner of Sorcery i had to keep him alive so there went Shadow Warriors to absorb some hits and bring outnumber to the fight. Luckily Dragon Princess held the shrine more than 12” away from Chaos Knights who lost their 4+ward save which meant payback time! So my Mage killed the champion with Rule of Burning Iron and Repeater Bolt Thrower finished the last guy, the Standard Bearer.

Turn 6 Warriors of Chaos

In the final turn, chaos knights from the centre of the board charged shadow warriors, and both shadow warriors and dragon princes failed their panic test and fled. More points for Chaos!!!!

 Turn 6 High Elves
Mishke: The only thing that happened this turn is that Spearmen  charged those cowardly Marauders. Interesting was the fact that we did no wounds to each other. But i had two more ranks, a banner, warbanner and outnumber so they fled (Pure static combat resolution).
This was a good game which i think i would win if i kept my Battle Standard out of that Archer unit, or if i had moved them to avoid the charge, but those are mistakes to be learned from. Warriors of Chaos don’t have any shooting so i he would be pretty safe on his own. The Swordmasters should also fled from that charge of Chaos Knights, but that is a good tactical move by my opponent. All in all every unit did what i expected from it (except Archers and the Battle Standard Bearer) and i’m pretty happy with my list and will try it again some time without changing anything and check movement  characteristic of enemy units.

Final score
High Elves 1692:1627 Warriors of Chaos

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hello, fellow wargamers, for easier looking through Battle reports, I decided to create another blog, so you wouldn't have to scroll all the way down just to see how does the battle ends. I hope that you will find this way much better, and that you will continue to enjoy battles of Warhammer that we fought. Cheers!